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Safe Equipment

Our Park Was Designed for Your Safety.

Did you know Altitude Trampoline Park is made 100% in the USA? Our trampoline park is also designed and constructed to the standards of ASTM. What is ASTM? Simply put, ASTM is a global organization that sets safety standards for products from toys to airplanes. ASTM works to ensure that the products we use are safe. As the trampoline industry has evolved, some parks have chosen to abide by the ASTM standards for trampoline parks and some have not. Altitude Trampoline Park is the only park in Monroe that abides by the full safety standards put forth by ASTM. Some of the safety standards that we abide by include:

Soft Trampoline Walls

Trampolines of yesteryear left jumpers exposed to tumbling off onto the ground and it frequently resulted in injuries. We’ve eliminated this danger by completely surrounding our trampolines with soft but strong, 8-ft-high trampoline walls. These walls are SO strong jumpers can bounce off them and back onto the trampoline floor.

Safety Netting

Where the soft, 8-ft-high trampoline walls end, safety netting continues for a distance high enough to contain all jumpers. The safety netting can withstand up to 150 lbs per square inch!


Our trampolines have no gaps to fall through, nor are there any exposed springs. All steel and springs are covered by ASTM approved padding.

Foam Pit

Our foam pit contains over four feet of soft foam over a trampoline floor. Court monitors are present at all times to ensure foam pit jumpers follow our safety rules. Diving headfirst into the foam pit is very strictly prohibited.


Our staff performs regular inspections of all components of our trampolines to ensure that everything is always in proper working order.

In addition to having safe equipment, our team at Altitude Trampoline Park works hard to ensure that fun and safety are equally important. We have court monitors to help visitors follow the guidelines of safety at all times. Jump Socks with grip bottoms are provided to help traction on and off of the trampolines. The bottom line is we are fully committed to doing everything in our power to make sure that everyone has fun and stays safe! Learn About ASTM Standards.


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